4 More Boys Rescued today from the Cave in Thailand

Cave divers in northern Thailand have rescued four more boys from a vast flooded cave system, a source within the operation has told the BBC.

This suggests that, in total, eight boys have been safely brought out, while five people remain inside the caves. Thai cave rescue mission: Eight boys freed as five remain trapped.


As it looks as if the rescue operation is on hold until tomorrow, we’re going to pause the blog for now. We’ll resume blogging if there are any more key developments or press conferences. In the meantime, there’s more on Thai cave rescue section including this video update on today’s developments, and there’ll be a new live blog on Tuesday.

It is believed the rescue operation has been suspended for today. The Facebook update from the Thai navy seals suggests it is sticking to a plan of rescuing four boys per day.

It said “Two days, Eight boars” referring to the name of the boy’s football team Wild Boars.




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