The Ultimate Guide to Songkran 2018

When is Songkran? Before Thailand adopted the international New Year’s Day in 1940, Songkran was calculated based on the solar calendar, which varied from one year to the next. Now Songkran in Bangkok is from 13 to 15 April of every year.

The Ultimate Guide to Songkran 2018. Songkran in BANGKOK. Add to Trip! When: April 13-15. Songkran in CHIANG MAI. Add to Trip! When: April 13-15. #Songkran in PHUKET. Add to Trip! When:April 13-15.# Songkran in PATTAYA. Add to Trip! When: April 13-19. #Songkran in #KOH SAMUI. Add to Trip! When: April 13-15.

While the Songkran holiday only officially lasts for three days (11th – 13th April), Pattaya’s party atmosphere means that you are likely to get a thorough soaking as … Wan Lai Festival (19th April 2018) ….. However, if you are planning to travel it’s a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises.

The Songkran Festival is a national holiday in Thailand. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. The word Songkran is derived from the Sanskrit work samkranti, which means astrological passage. It is a traditional Buddhist festival, and it is usually celebrated between 13 and 16 April unless the dates are modified

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Songkran Festival: The Ultimate Guide to Thai New Year and Thai Water Festival

    Things to Do during Songkran Festival 2018: The must do in Thailand Edition

                                                    1. Get wet and wild at Thai Water Festival, respectfully

With the temperature rising as high as 40 °C, April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand. Since Songkran Day is celebrated in April, water has become the staple of the festival. Over the years, it has evolved from gentle water splashing at family and friends to a full-blown water fight, especially on the main streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Bowls, buckets, hoses and water guns are all fine in this playful water war. Pickup trucks are armed with huge water barrels and loaded with enthusiastic water fighters.




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