Car Rental Companies in Thailand

                                                                               Car Rental Companies in Thailand.

                                                                       Driver’s licence

All drivers are required to present a valid original driving license at the time of the rental. The licence should be a full driving licence with a photograph and be held for at least 2 years with no major endorsements.


For foreign drivers, if your domestic driving licence is not in English, one of the documents below is required together with your original driving licence:

–      an International Driving Permit (IDP)/ International Driving Licence (IDL)

–      an official translation in English or Thai


Drivers holding a driving licence of the 10 ASEAN member countries can use their national driving licence without the need to obtain an IDP/IDL. These countries are Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.


UK drivers with the new-style photo card licence will need both the paper counterpart and photo card. UK licence holders who have a paper licence only will also need an official photo for identification.


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