Dual pricing: Popular Pattaya golf club overcharging foreigners

A golf club in Pattaya has been criticized for overcharging foreigners.


An angry expat golfer, who didn’t wish to be named contacted Thaivisa to voice his disappointment at Pattaya Country Club, who are charging foreigners considerably more than their Thai counterparts to take part in its “Swing & Stay” promotion.


An image shared on social media advertising the “Swing & Stay” promotion clearly states the ‘For Foreigner’ price being 1,600 baht more than the same package for Thai golfers.


The package, which includes a one day, one night stay, breakfast and green fee, costs Thai golfers 3,000 baht, while foreigners have to pay 4,600 baht.


The issue of overcharging or dual pricing for foreigners isn’t uncommon and is in place at numerous national parks and historical sites throughout Thailand.


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