HM wishes Thais a happy year

His Majesty the King appeared on national television Monday night to express his best wishes for the Thai people.

He wishes the people happiness, health, success, prosperity and clear wisdom.

In his message, the monarch stressed the importance of love and care, wisdom, forbearance and sufficiency, among other important virtues, as these forces will bring happiness not only to oneself, but also to one’s family and the society as a whole.

They will also enable the nation to overcome challenges and obstacles and achieve prosperity and security.

At the end of the message, His Majesty sought the powers of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the sacred forces to protect the people and give them morale for the sake of national strength.

Earlier, His Majesty issued a New Year greeting card wishing the best for Thais.

The card contains His Majesty’s new year message which reads: “Greetings for 2019. With love and a pure heart, may this year be filled with liveliness, health, happiness, and wisdom. May you have the encouragement and the will to bring happiness to yourself and others throughout the year and ever after.”

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