Laem Ka Beach, Phuket access road closed

Laem Ka Beach, Phuket — No More 💔 Access closed

Bad news about the beach, loved by many guests and residents of Phuket – Laem Ka. The owners of the territory adjacent to the beach blocked the entrance by a large iron gate. The fact is that all the land near the beach, as well as the road laid there, are in private ownership, and the owner can dispose of it at his own discretion. Our correspondent contacted the representative of the municipality of Rawai district to receive comments, and found out that the actions of the owner are absolutely legitimate. As for alternative ways to pass to Laem Ka beach, then such, unfortunately, is not yet provided.

Laem Ka beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Rawai area, where in the rainy season it is safe to swim, because there are no big waves here

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