Longer holidays blamed for more road accidents in Thailand 555

Longer holidays blamed for more road accidents in Thailand 555  How many people go to events even for Government and take the car and get Drunk then drive home ?

The problem will never go away unless you tackle the cause. Thai Culture to Drink, drink, and more drink then don’t think next what you are going to do.


What others are saying   Quote.

So it’s nothing to do with lack of driving skills or concern for others then, right…?! We are currently in Day 3 of the holiday period, so the period is currently the same as it was on Day 3 last year…yet with more deaths and injuries…!! How does the extended holiday period, which has yet to happen, account for the greater carnage over the first three-day period…??!!!

There you go it’s the longer holidays fault! Nothing at all to do with social anarchy, poor driving standards, poor actual law enforcement and drunk driving!

Whatever you do, save face, and don’t blame the imbeciles behind the wheel.


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