Punters flock to newly-opened sex doll brothel amid legal gray area

newly-opened sex doll brothel  This one is in London but why would it not work in Asia ?

A “revolutionary” erotic experience is being offered in London and, according to punters, it’s getting harder to snag a spot with a sex doll. Even on International Women’s Day, people are lining up at an all-doll brothel.

Three usable holes and a hairless vagina, as well as huge breasts and the inability to protest rough sex. That’s how a new sex-doll brothel is advertising its “women” in Greenwich. The parlor is offering men and women the chance to rent and have sex with their range of dolls.

But it may not last long, as a local council hurriedly investigates whether or not such venues need a license. Brothels are illegal in the UK, though in this case the workers are dolls and so the nation has hit a gray area in the law.

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Lovedoll UK in Gateshead was offering “try before you buy” sex with dolls for £50 (US$69.40), before selling them for £2,000. The owner, Graham, was then investigated over whether or not he needs a license.

Such a license covers premises selling sex toys, books or videos, venues where explicit films are shown to members of the public, and those where sexual entertainment such as pole dancing and strip shows take place.

Gateshead Council said it was investigating whether a sex establishment license is required. The result will set a precedent for the rest of the nation. Until then, the brothels are becoming more popular with one even opening in a sleepy Scottish town.

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