Samui cabbies told to use meters, end euro rip-off 

Samui cabbies told to use meters, end euro rip-off.   Just Imagine the price in Bars.

SURAT THANI: Taxi drivers on Koh Samui have been ordered to use their meters instead of charging fixed fares that are identical in dollars and euros — effectively ripping off Europeans.

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Another Horror Story.   Its a Holiday Island with problems

Hired a moped from a shop called Asia Travel 1985 (travel agent also renting mopeds) on the south side of Chaweng Beach (38/43 Mu 3, Chaweng Beach Road), and realized that it had a flat tire soon after I left the shop. I took it back to the shop, and they charged me 3000THB to fix it! Realizing that they were trying to rip me off, I said that I would take it to a garage and fix it myself (which would only cost 100THB), but they wouldn’t let me do it since they only use a garage that they have a “special contract”. I complained as much as possible, but the shop would not return my passport if I didn’t pay. Starting to feel that it’s a waste of time (also knowing that police here would probably charge you another 3000THB to have a word with the shop!), I gave up and paid what they asked for. I think this shop is doing the same thing to other people too. A couple came in as I left. Although I couldn’t understand what they were saying (I think the couple was French), they were complaining about a flat tire. Scary to think that this shop is also a travel agent organizing various tours too. Don’t go to this shop if you don’t want to ruin your happy holiday mood. Takeshi, UK.

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