Sex offenders could be chemically castrated. Great Idea

In Scotland they have a great Idea.   Men in Scotland convicted of sex crimes could be chemically castrated in a bid to stop them re-offending. The voluntary scheme, which is being considered by health bosses in Glasgow, would see men put on medication which will reduce their libido. The trial would be a first in Scotland. The plan will see participants receive the treatment and then monitored by officials to see if further crime is prevented. It is hoped, if successful, the scheme could be rolled out across the country. Margaret-Ann Cummings, whose son Mark, then 8, was killed by a paedophile in 2004, told the Daily Mail newspaper that she cautiously welcomed the trial. She said: “If sex offenders are volunteering to go through with his and willing to change to stop other people being hurt then they should be offered every support possible. “However, it is vital that authorities are not using the public as guinea pigs in an experiment here. Everything must be tightly controlled.”

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