Songkran Festival in Udon Thani 2018 updates

We wish the people of Udon Thani and Thailand a fun, happy and healthy Thai new year / Songkran 2018! An appeal to all those who love water fights and powder: not all people share the joy of being unprepared and unintentionally showered and soaped with powder goo. Please take care and don’t drink and Drive .


Songkran in Udon Thani, is without question the most eagerly awaited festival of the year by the Thai’s, and indeed many visitors too. Songkran officially takes place every year between April 13 – 15, although in some places it can start a day or two early, and finish some days later. Most of Udon Thani residents are happy,

                                            Songkran festival which begins on 13th April, as the weather gets considerably hotter

 Songkran is an annual water festival where the locals and ferang alike can become bigger children for three days! The festival on the streets consists of throwing water an anyone and anything within reach! Street vendors and police are left alone but few others can escape, and it is great fun.



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