Strange but True in Thailand never use your feet

Never Use Your Feet

Of all the things not to do in Thailand, pointing with or using your feet is one of the biggest faux pas. Feet are considered the lowest, dirtiest part of the body in many Asian cultures and the head is the highest. Pointing your toes or the bottoms of your feet towards someone or something is extremely impolite. Hence, do not hold doors open with your feet, point your feet towards the Buddha images or angle your feet towards the monks.


Thai people consider the head to be sacred, and feet, because they are the lowest part of the body, to be filthy. You should never touch a Thai person’s head unless you have been invited to do so – especially with your feet. You should not show the soles of your feet or point them at people.

It is not illegal to show the soles of your feet in Thailand. Nevertheless, it is seen as extremely rude, and a taboo, to do so at any time.

The reason is entirely cultural. Thai people consider the head to be sacred, and feet, because they are the lowest part of the body, to be filthy. You should never touch a Thai person’s head unless you have been invited to do so – especially with your feet.

You should not show the soles of your feet or point them at people. For instance, if you are sat on a chair, don’t bring one foot up and rest it on the other knee when there is someone sat next to you. Especially don’t do this when someone is sat on the floor in front of you. In other words, don’t lift your feet above Thai people’s heads. Better to tuck your feet under your legs when you are sitting down on the floor, or kneel. Don’t sit on a chair when Them.


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