Tap water and electricity fees at apartments come under legal control as of May 1

Starting on May 1, electricity and tap water fees at hostels, apartments or rented rooms in residential buildings will come under legal control which prohibits owners of the premises from overcharging the utility fees.

The electricity and tap water fee control is in accordance with an announcement of the Consumer Protection Board which will come into force as of May 1, which was intended to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by owners of apartments, hostels or rented rooms who often overcharged their tenants.

Under the law, apartment owners cannot charge electricity and tap water above the rates charged by Metropolitan Electricity Authority in the case of Bangkok or the Provincial Electricity Authority in the case of other provinces.

Mr Pikanes Tapuang, deputy secretary-general of Office of Consumer Protection Board, warned on Wednesday (April 25) that owners of hostels, apartments or rented rooms who overcharge their tenants would face a maximum fine of up to 100,000 baht and/or one-year imprisonment.

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