Thailand Storm warnings for southern provinces

The Meteorological Department has issued the first storm warning of the year in the southern region, including provinces popular with tourists, while other parts of the country will see cooler temperatures… Downpours and waves up to four metres are expected in the Gulf of Thailand from Thursday, beginning with Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Songkhla, Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat, Krabi, Trang…

Weather Forecast 1 – 2 Jan 2019, the strong high-pressure area covers upper Thailand. Cool to cold spells with strong winds in the areas, and decreasing temperatures by 1-3 °C. The strong northeast monsoon prevails across the Gulf of Thailand and the South. Isolated heavy rain is likely in the South. The strong wind and waves are expected 2-3 meters high in the Gulf. During 3-7 Jan 2019, the high-pressure area covers upper Thailand will weakening. Increasing temperatures by 2-4 °C is likely over upper Thailand but still cool to cold spells in the North and the Northeast.The tropical depression over the lower South China Sea through the lower Gulf expectedly to the Andaman Sea by 3-5 January 2019, it will affect the South with isolated heavy to very heavy rain in the South. The strong winds are forecast for both the Gulf and the Andaman Sea with waves up to 2-4 meters high in the Gulf and about 2 meters high in the Andaman sea.

Warning   During 1 – 7 Jan 2019, people in the upper country should stay healthy due to the changeable weather. During 3-5 Jan 2019, people in the South should beware of heavy rain. People in the Gulf should be aware of inshore surges. All ships should proceed with caution, and small boats keep ashore lasting 5 January 2019.

Northern Part During 1 – 3 Jan 2019, cool to cold and decreasing temperature by 1-3 °C.Minimum temperature 12-17 °C. Maximum temperature 27-30 °C.

Cold to very cold on mountaintops. Minimum temperature 5-12 °C. Northeasterly wind 15-30 km/hr.

During 4-7 Jan 2019, cool to cold and increasing temperature by 2-4 °C. Isolated thundershowers in the lower part.

Minimum temperature 13-18 °C. Maximum temperature 28-32 °C.

Cold to very cold on mountaintops. Minimum temperature 7-13 °C. Southeasterly wind 15-30 km/hr.



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