They should be fitted in every city and the min fine 1000 baht per offence.

It’s Friday evening and the commute home is more exhausting than the actual work week. Slogging toward an overpass, a random car creeps from behind and swoops in up ahead, extending the traffic infinity war even longer.

Now those lane cutters better watch out.

Traffic police on Wednesday launched a new surveillance system at 15 trouble spots near major intersections across Bangkok to ticket drivers who change lanes illegally.

“We’ve been trying to tighten up law enforcement, but a lot of people are still committing violations,” said Maj. Gen. Chirapat Phumichit, Bangkok’s No. 2 traffic cop. “Particularly, cars trying to cut others off before overpasses or tunnels are one of the major causes of accidents and heavy congestion.”

City Hall spent 14 million baht for the new camera system. It includes plate recognition that enables authorities to identify and ticket offenders within seven days. The cameras will operate at all hours and keep records for at least one year.

Areas with the new system include the Prachanukun, Ratchathewi and Rama IV intersections, as well as the Memorial Bridge spanning the Chao Phraya River.

The division said the system allowed it to detect more than 220,000 offenders during a 30-day trial period last month – more than 7,000 a day.

On Wednesday, the system detected about 7,500 cars changing lanes illegally between midnight and 11:30am.

Those caught violating the law will be fined up to 1,000 baht.

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